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Significant rise in diabetes in the UK

Diabetes in the UK Though, diabetes has emerged as a world spread disease during past few decades but there is a shocking rise in the number of patients suffering from diabetes in UK. Various studies in this field show that the rate of diabetes is increasing at a faster speed in the country leading to […]

Napping increases Type 2 risk diabetes

Nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during daytime when a person starts feeling a little drowsy and exhausted due to work. It is most common among small children and elderly people. Napping has various pros and cons it helps in gaining energy reenergizes the person and make him look fresh but has […]

Diabetes drugs given sooner

Diabetes Drugs In the present day scenario one out of the three persons diagnosed of having diabetes are given medication at the early stages rather being asked to change their lifestyle to a proper one and to follow some exercises. A study in south west England proves that around 36% of the 650 persons diagnosed […]

New research linked egg intake to diabetes risk

People who sit down to a daily breakfast of eggs may have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, new research suggests. In a long-term study of 57,000 U.S. adults, researchers found that those who ate an egg a day were 58 per cent to 77 per cent more likely than non-egg-eaters to develop […]

Diabetes and Important Nutrition

Diabetes and Nutrition Diabetes is a world spread disease. It is a state in which a person’s body is not able to produce enough insulin hormones as required or can’t make proper use of body insulin. The high blood sugar level further leads to the mal-functioning of eyes, heart, kidneys and nerves. Though, diabetes has […]


Diabetes There are a variety of complications of diabetes some of which are also dire. Many problems are caused due to diabetes to the nerves as well as the blood flowing through our blood vessels that are responsible for providing energy to our every organ in the body. Every organ in the human body is […]

The Cure for Diabetes

It is very essential to be aware of what exactly the disease of diabetes is before we move on to the ways in which diabetes can be possibly cured. When the way in which our body uses or makes insulin is slightly problematic it leads to this type of disease. Blood sugar is moved into […]

Suitable Diets For A Diabetic Patient

A significant role is played by the diet in order to control the diabetes. A diabetic diet can be taken in combination with the oral hypoglycemic drugs and doses of insulin. Nutrients are combined in a suitable manner to form a diabetic diet. Nutrients include protein, little carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals as well as fats. The […]

How To Prevention Diabetes

Prevention Of Diabetes After our previous discussion and article on Diabetes – Type I and  Diabetes – Type II, I received some mails and feedback to share some tips on how to prevention diabetes to enlighten our-self. It is very essential to be aware of what exactly the disease of diabetes is before we move […]