The Cure for Diabetes

It is very essential to be aware of what exactly the disease of diabetes is before we move on to the ways in which diabetes can be possibly cured. When the way in which our body uses or makes insulin is slightly problematic it leads to this type of disease. Blood sugar is moved into our cells with the help of insulin which is a place used for its storage and also for deriving energy. Diabetes results into a wear and tear of the human body at a very early age. The body becomes incapable of using the insulin that has been produced naturally. Overweight people are likely to suffer from this disease. Genetics as well as the family history also has a large role to play in Type 2 diabetes. Ethnicity or race such as Hispanic Americans, Native Americans as well as the African Americans has a high diabetic rate.

It is an insidious disease. Moderately high blood glucose levels are hardly noticed in the initial years. Patients with type I diabetes have symptoms such as passing of a large amount of urine, undue hunger and thirst, frequency of urination is increased as well as rapid weight loss. Type 2 diabetes is a disease which is marked by high sugar levels in a person’s blood. It is a chronic or a lifelong disease. This type of diabetes is generally found in most of the people. Some of the most common Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are Blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, Fatigue, Slow healing as well as frequent infections, appetite, increased thirst, increased rate of urination.

People above 45 years of age , People having HDL cholesterol less than 35 mg/dL, Triglyceride level higher than 250 mg/dL, People with problem of High blood pressure, People with a history of gestational diabetes., Polycystic ovarian syndrome are likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

The control of diabetes is possible to an extent but it is not practically possible to cure this disease completely. A healthy life can be lead by the diabetic patients, if the level of blood glucose can be kept under check. If a normal blood glucose control is maintained then the life span of a diabetic patient which is decreasing can be restored back to normal. It is sometimes also possible that any kind of insulin or tablet or a diet control may not be required by the diabetic patients. Such a period is termed as the honeymoon phase during the type 1 diabetes. The duration may range from a few days and can even extend up to about six months. This period may be mistaken as the cure of diabetes by some of the patients suffering from the particular disease.

A diabetic diet is helpful in maintaining a proper body weight besides providing the people with an adequate nutrition. The levels of blood sugar are also kept under check with the help of a diabetic diet. Intake of fibres –minimum of 1.4 oz in a day, 4-5 mid interval meals which are short should be preferred instead of 3 meals that are heavy, Fast foods as well as bakery products should be avoided as far as possible. Instead simple cooked cereals should be taken and Vegetables as well as fresh fruits should be consumed at least five times in a single day.