AIDS-A Lethal Life-threatening Disease


The most threatening term “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or simply AIDS” snatches happiness from people who must be well educated about the dire consequences after being affected by AIDS.

What is AIDS?

AIDS is spread by HIV germs to destruct patients who have AIDS.  American scientists detected the hands of human immunodeficiency virus which causes AIDS. It is an incurable disease. AIDS affected patients die in the long run.

HIV Carriers

Blood carries human immunodeficiency virus. Humans are attacked by HIV through blood transmission, breast feeding and unprotected sexual contacts. Is it possible for being infected by HIV if someone enjoys sexual bliss? Doctors confirm that only unsafe sex can be dangerous to quicken the risk of suffering from AIDS. HIV enters into body through body contacts. An HIV carrier can transmit AIDS to his/her sexual partner if he has HIV in blood.  Therefore doctors advise people for blood culturing, semen analysis and medical tests before marriage or sexual relationship.

What Are Preliminary Signs of AIDS?

AIDS travels like a toy train to eat into a body of a patient slowly but steadily.  HIV takes time to strengthen up its position in the body to break the immune system of a patient. Aftermath effect of AIDS infection is obviously 100 percent death award for patients who are severely affected by HIV. Therefore early diagnosis of AIDS is needed to prevent untimely death.  Before starting treatment to minimize pain and discomfiture of AIDS infected patients, the proper diagnostic procedures should be completed for the detection of symptoms to determine AIDS. Common symptoms of AIDS include:

  • Fever
  • Squeamish
  •  Uneasiness
  • Mental discomfiture
  • Skin rashes
  • Tiredness and excessive weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Enlargement of glands
  • Painful throat because of formation of small blisters
  • Chocked voice
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of interest to do household works
  • Nocturnal perspiration
  •  Muscle cramps and mild pain all over the body

The ramification of AIDS symptoms takes years to warn patients. If someone experiences sudden collapse in physical fitness,  he needs better medical check-up,  diagnosis,  better counseling and medical tests to identify  HIV in blood of patients.

Symptoms of AIDS at Later Stage

When condition of AIDS patients becomes worst to go out of control for basic treatment, signs of advanced AIDS are esophagitis, pneumonia, toxoplasmosis and hepatocellular carcinomas.  Glands enlarge abnormally to disfigure human bodies. Nervous system is damaged to invite critical diseases like aseptic meningitis, and peripheral neuropathy.

Treatment Procedures for AIDS Patients

Though AIDS is not curable, advanced medical science has invented few powerful drugs for expanding the life expectancy of patients.

There are misconceptions about AIDS. Persons are not invaded by AIDS by touching the body of an AIDS patient. However, one should not do lip kissing and biting if there are sores in the lips/gums. Hugging, touching, fondling and intimate communication don’t infect persons. Of late, doctors are very much optimistic by applying highly active antiretroviral therapy or HAAT to suppress HIV and reinforce the body immune system.