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Acne treatment for oily skin

Acne Treatment In oily skin the sebaceous glands are overactive and they produce excessive oil. Oily skin may be due to heredity, diet, hormones, pregnancy, hot whether,  humidity, birth control pills or cosmetics. Oily skin is more susceptible to acne. The excess oil produced by the oil glands become hard and gets blocked in the […]

Your diet and Acne

Diet and Acne The connection between diet and acne is a debatable issue. But some foods are assumed to have role in the genesis of acne. The first and most important ingredient is the dietary fats. The type of fat taken is important. Saturated fat and partially hydrogenated fats are supposed to be playing a […]

Makeup techniques for acne

Makeup For Acne Make up is such a thing which helps in hiding the acne but there is a fear that wearing make up for prolonged period of time can cause acne. Noncomedogenic type of make up products does not contain components that clog pores. The make up products labeled as noncomedogenic can be used […]

Water Therapy for Acne

Keeping the body hydrated is the base behind water therapy. Hydration overcomes the blockage of pores and dead cells are shed properly. Drinking 2 liters of water daily is suggested for this purpose. It is also said that application of moisturizer does not actually moisturizes the skin only drinking lots of water can hydrate the […]

Treatment For Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is the harshest form of acne and they are very painful. This type of infection is very difficult to treat. There are pus filed red pustules which can be seen on the surface of skin. There are cysts. The reason behind the infection is not certain. The infection may be caused due to […]

Cure Acne with green tea

Green tea is consumed by large number of people, great for your overall health and body. It is made from the plant Camelia sinensis with healthiness and wellness benefits. It is better to drink it than the normal black tea or coffee because it is refreshing too. It is very good anti oxidant, anti-oxidants fight […]

What are the main causes of acne ?

There mare mainly three things that cause acne. They are over production of oil called as sebum, the irregular shading of dead skin tissue which irritates the hair follicles and the growth of bacteria in the hair follicles. When the hair follicles get blocked by the oil, sebum and the skin debris acne develop. The […]

Foods that Cause Acne

The relationship between the intake of different types of foods and acne is some what controversial. However, some foods are believed to be playing role in the development of acne. Many people still believe that there is no link between food and acne, and that’s just not true. There are many studies that show a relationship […]

Tested Home Made remedies for acne

The following are some home remedies for acne, I hope you will find it very useful: Application of mixture of ground drumstick leaves and pod with lime juice in paste form is useful in cure of acnes. A mixture of equal amounts of ground nut oil and lemon juice can be applied on face for […]

Dry Skin Acne

There are three types of skins namely; normal skin, dry skin and oily skin. Acne can be caused in all three types of skin only the severity differs. In many people all the three types of skin are present on there face and other parts of the body. The type of care required is also […]