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Face Lift From the Fridge

With the cost of nearly everything on the rise people are on the lookout for simple ways to cut costs. In an effort to cut back on their spending, people are paying a lot more attention to where and how they spend their money. They are asking themselves, “do I really need this?” and if […]

Holiday Skincare Mistakes

Make sure your season is jolly by avoiding these common mistakes! Drinking too much: During the holidays, it’s easy to get carried away and drink more than usual. Too much alcohol accelerates the aging process, and we all know that pasty, hollow-eyed look that comes with a hangover. Limit alcohol intake to one or two glasses […]

Nail Fungus and Ringworm – what are they and how are they related?

The fingernails and toenails of the human are built for protection – protection from bacteria, dirt, and other invaders. They are made from keratin, a hard protein found in skin and hair, It is comprised of the nail root, nail bed, nail plate, cuticle, perionychium, and hyopnychium. With all of this protection, it is hard […]

Visiting a Skin clinic of repute

The skin is undoubtedly the largest organ of our body and the major function of the skin is perspiration.  This keeps our skin and body cool.  Due to severe heat, we perspire a lot and we lose out lot of moisture from our body.  Excessive water loss results in wrinkles and the cells become flaccid. […]

Identifying a Laser Lipo surgeon

Laser liposuction is the latest introduction in the field of medicine.  This revolutionary technique has changed the way liposuction was done earlier. The skill and expertise with which the fats are melted into a liquid is amazing and performing this requires dexterity of hands, skill and knowledge.  Only a professional with years of experience would […]

Eye Wrinkles and Creams

Stress and health issues start showing the effects on the face and around the eyes. Many people get dark circles and spots and with each passing day, those keep on getting darker. It is very important to find the solution so that your eyes remain tender and beautiful. The dark spots and circles can be […]

Natural Skin Care

Mineral make-ups is made of minerals, natural occurring titanium, mica, gold, magnesium, and zinc, that are  finely milled and sterilized into powders, without any dyes, chemicals, and preservatives contain as in traditional makeup. It is then mixed with other different natural inorganic colours to produce shades and colours of various types. Mineral make-up is good […]

Ethnic Skin: Is It Any Different?

Myth: Those with darker skin needn’t be concerned about skin cancer. Fact: This misconception can be the kiss of death — literally. While ethnic skin provides some built-in “sun block” against the rays that can kill, its natural protection (approximating SPF 10) isn’t enough to promise immunity. Myth: Darker skin is more oily than lighter skin tones. Fact: This […]

The Best Skin Care Is To Go Natural

Natural Skin Care All of us are born with a distinct natural beauty and glow. But the general course of ageing, the everyday tension, pollution and stress snatch it from our face and body. Then we start trying to get it back with the help of the “beauty products” that are popular in the market. […]