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Medical Negligence within a Hospital

If you’re seeking to make a medical negligence claim following a stay at hospital, it can be a little more complicated than making a claim against an individual, such as against your GP. A huge number of people will likely be involved in your care, such as hospital doctors, surgeons, nurses, head nurses, attending doctors […]

A Manageable Virus – The Herpes Simplex Virus

Genital herpes is presently the most common sexual transmitted infection in the world and it is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). The virus is divided into two types: type 1 which causes sores in the upper body area, such as mouth, eyes, face and throat and type 2 which causes primarily genital lesions. […]

Supplements and Vitamins

There are millions of people today who are making use of supplements and vitamins in order to make sure that their body and health stay up to date and get sufficient supply of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Sometimes you are unable to take a diet that would give you all the vitamins and minerals […]

20 Ways to Avoid getting cancer

You probably won’t get cancer. That is, if you have a healthy lifestyle. “As many as 70% of known causes of cancers are avoidable and related to lifestyle,” says Thomas A. Sellers, PhD, associate director for cancer prevention and control at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Diet, exercise, and avoidance of tobacco products are, of […]

Sciatic nerve

Our body consists of a lot of bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons with each of them having a crucial role to perform in order to keep the body active and free from any disability. One such nerve is the sciatic nerve, which is indeed the longest nerve and can also be quite thick at one […]

MonaVie and Your Health

As we age there is a tendency for more health issues to occur.  Many of these health issues include cholesterol, joint pain, fatigue, and more.  People young and old alike often do not watch their nutrition as well as they should. Enhance your health Many people find it hard to eat right and get proper […]

Enzyte – Not as effective as other male enhancers

Enzyte has not been suggested as a male enhancement product.  Let us find out the reasons why it is so. There are close to three hundred male enhancement products available in the market today which aids in male potency.  With so many male enhancement products, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. In spite […]

The Arthritis Medical Forum

The percentage of people suffering from arthritis is increasing at an alarming rate.  Arthritis causes lot of pain and discomfort in the joints.  Some parts affected by this disease are knees, elbows and ankles.  Joint inflammation is the main symptoms of arthritis and the joints also become red and get swollen.  Injury or damage of […]

Health Medical Solution – A great help

The computer has enabled many of the businesses to reduce the paperwork involved.  Companies are trying to achieve the concept of a paperless office, as all the important data can be saved on the computer.  If you have recently met up with your doctor or a hospital, then you would have experienced this.  The authorities […]

Common myths about acne

It is generally seen people try to treat acne and do not take physicians or a dermatologist’s advice.  Most of the times, the treatment is based on misconceptions. Here are some myths about acne: The cause of acne is the dirt inside the pores. This is true to certain extent and is also a potential […]