Napping increases Type 2 risk diabetes

Nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during daytime when a person starts feeling a little drowsy and exhausted due to work. It is most common among small children and elderly people.

Napping has various pros and cons it helps in gaining energy reenergizes the person and make him look fresh but has disadvantages as it increases the blood sugar level thus act as a bane for the person suffering from diabetic.

According to a research conducted on 16,480 people in china it was found that a person who takes even a single nap in a week has a 26% more risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than the persons who never took a nap. Considering all the possibilities it was concluded in the result that napping does increases the chances for a person to get effected by diabetes. For this any elderly person having obesity should avoid taking a nap as it could shoot up his/her blood sugar levels.

The experts researched on the link and the first layman answer they gave was the persons taking a nap have less time to exercise compared to the person taking no nap. And exercising is a very necessary part of the diabetic life to keep the sugar level in control.

The second reason they gave was that the persons taking a nap in the day cut down the possibility of sleeping well at night and the persons who don’t get a sound sleep at night have a greater risk of getting diabetic.

If a person wakes up from short sleep his/her body secrets hormones which stop the insulin to work in the proper manner so increase the sugar levels in a diabetic patient.

Even if the persons taking naps have a high record of physical working then also their sugar levels are high comparing to the person having less physical working but no naps as it is well known that the persons doing physical working are better off in fighting diabetic which proves that the person taking naps are at a very big disadvantage.

Diabetes is a serious problem in the present day world and must not be taken easily and the persons having this problem should take extra care of not taking a nap so that they don’t end up risking their lives as high blood glucose levels can be fatal is neglected.

Thus the persons suffering from diabetes must keep in mind the things to do and the things to avoid so as saving their precious lives.

However the factors like napping, less sleep will always have a less importance over the major factors like obesity and age over 40.