How To Prevention Diabetes

Prevention Of Diabetes

After our previous discussion and article on Diabetes – Type I and  Diabetes – Type II, I received some mails and feedback to share some tips on how to prevention diabetes to enlighten our-self.

It is very essential to be aware of what exactly the disease of diabetes is before we move on to the ways of prevention of diabetes. When the way in which our body uses or makes insulin is slightly problematic it leads to this type of disease. It leads to a wear and tear of the human body at a very early age. The body becomes incapable of using the insulin that has been produced naturally. Overweight people are likely to suffer from this disease .Genetics as well as the family history also has a large role to play in Type 2 diabetes. Ethnicity or race such as Hispanic Americans, Native Americans as well as the African Americans has a high diabetic rate.

One of the most efficient ways of preventing the disease of diabetes is to recognise whether we fall in the risk group or not. Most of the people in the world of today fall in the risk group. The fast life style, eating chips, fast food as well as sweetened colas all contribute to an increased risk of falling prey to this disease.

Some of the risk factors are given below:

  • Overweight people are likely to suffer from this disease as they have a greater tendency to an insulin resistance.fat does not allow the body to properly use the insulin.
  • Thin people especially the elder ones are also more likely to develop this disease.
  • Genetics as well as the family history also have a large role to play in type 2 diabetes.
  • Poor diet as well as low levels of activity also increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
  • People above 45 years of age
  • People with problem of High blood pressure

Some of the important tips with the help of which diabetes can be prevented to an extent are the following:

  • Divide and eat rule: if a person has a diet of four chapattis then two should be taken at the regular time and the rest of them after about an interval of two hours.
  • Soft drinks, fried items as well as sweeteners should be avoided. sugar should be taken in very less quantity
  • Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in plenty
  • Regular intake of green leafy vegetables
  • Oil should be avoided
  • Red meat should be avoided as far as possible
  • Exercises should be done on a regular basis
  • Smoking should be quit
  • Alcohol taken in small doses acts as a medicine but if the small doses are exceeded then it can act as a poison
  • Yoga should be done regularly
  • Meditation if done for an hour every week can be very helpful in preventing diabetes
  • Plantain leaf pack should be taken for around 35 minutes. The guidance of a doctor can also be taken
  • Mud packs are also advisable so that our digestion can be corrected.