Diabetes drugs given sooner

Diabetes Drugs

In the present day scenario one out of the three persons diagnosed of having diabetes are given medication at the early stages rather being asked to change their lifestyle to a proper one and to follow some exercises.

A study in south west England proves that around 36% of the 650 persons diagnosed were put on medication within the very first month. Yet it is the most suited as well as suggested to change the lifestyle and start the exercises to initially control the conditions.

Type II diabetes is often associated with obesity and growing age. It is very alarming to know that 30 million people worldwide are diagnosed of having diabetes each year.

Recent research show that the persons diagnosed were not even given chance to change their lifestyle and put on medicines with immediate effect.

Metformin is the fist and the basic choices of the doctor and when it doesn’t work properly then more drugs are added to it to control the increasing sugar levels in the blood.

It must be very clear that if a person is diagnosed of having diabetes then he must be given a chance to change his/her lifestyle to control the problem and if that doesn’t work then the person can switch over to the medication.

The type II diabetes is a progressive illness and the longer the person suffers from it he more chances of him being put on tablets increases which can eventually rturn out to be insulin.

People think that by taking medicines they don’t have to do anything else to control diabetes and it is where they are wrong medication can never ever replace physical exercise which has to be an integral part of the daily life routine of a diabetic.

But if the persons sugar levels are not being able to be in control then the sooner they start to take Metformin the better for them and the longer they will live.

Mostly it is seen that the screening of diabetes starts at the age of 45 if he is overweighed but in the recent years it is seen that the persons of age 35-40 can also suffer from diabetes so the screening of patients should start at the age of 35. This helps the doctor by giving him the advantage of finding the problem in the initial stages and nipping it in the bud.

Over 20 million of the American has diabetes and it is an occurrence of lack of insulin in the body which is either to the less production of insulin or either the body not accepting the insulin. If diabetes is left uncontrolled it can lead to heart diseases, strokes and kidney diseases.

Each and every person should get screening done on a regular basis from the age of 30 to that of 45 and should repeat the screening every 3 to 5 years after that.

Diabetes is not incurable but a person has to take good care of him and follow a fixed and balanced diet with suggested exercises.

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