Significant rise in diabetes in the UK

Diabetes in the UK

Though, diabetes has emerged as a world spread disease during past few decades but there is a shocking rise in the number of patients suffering from diabetes in UK. Various studies in this field show that the rate of diabetes is increasing at a faster speed in the country leading to several other physical and mental diseases in the people.

According to National Charity Diabetes UK, the number of people with diabetes in the country rose by over 145,000 last year. It is also estimated that over 2.6 million people are suffering from diabetes in the UK and around 502 million people are obese. It means that every one person in twenty is suffering from diabetes which is truly an extremely worrying condition. According to the National Diabetes Audit for England, more than 800,000 people are found to be having high blood sugar levels which might lead to severe other problems like heart stroke, kidney failure and limb amputation.

The reports also stated that both types of diabetes cases have got drastic increase majorly affecting young and middle aged people in UK. In almost 300,000 children and young people with diabetes, the blood sugar level is found highly increased as to put them at border line of various complications.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has stated that around 90% people with diabetes are suffering from Type 2 diabetes which occurs due to obesity, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. It means that around 2.5 million people in UK have Type 2 diabetes and the most shocking news is that more than a million patients are not known of it.

Though the overall occurrence of diabetes in UK is still at the highest level but the current findings indicate that if proper precautions should not be taken immediately, the UK will soon surpass the rate of increase in diabetes than any other nation. The National Obesity Forum and Diabetes UK has clearly suggested that the rates of diabetes occurrence in the country will go on rising unless the Government does something serious to raise the awareness for the disease. The risk of Type 2 diabetes can be avoided easily by reducing weight to as much as 58% because this type of diabetes is linked to obesity. Moreover, a healthy diet and regular exercise also help a lot in the prevention of diabetes. An early detection and proper treatment is also helpful to reduce the level of diabetes cases in the country. Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK states, “There is the need for urgent action to ensure that people with diabetes start to receive all the basic care processes, otherwise there will be more amputations, more people going blind and more cases of kidney failure, heart diseases and strokes”.

Apart from the above statistics about diabetes in UK, it is also stated that the total number of adults in England having diabetes is supposed to increase to 406 million by 2030 and this figure will continue to rise if the strict measures will not be taken accordingly. However, the country is organizing various campaigns and health events for the awareness and treatment of diabetes but still the time bomb of diabetes is waiting to be exploding in the United Kingdom.