Acne treatment for oily skin

Acne Treatment

In oily skin the sebaceous glands are overactive and they produce excessive oil. Oily skin may be due to heredity, diet, hormones, pregnancy, hot whether,  humidity, birth control pills or cosmetics. Oily skin is more susceptible to acne. The excess oil produced by the oil glands become hard and gets blocked in the pores. There are few treatments for oily skin and prevent acne. Washing the skin more frequently is recommended as the skin produces more oil and the pores get blocked more frequently. The dirt and the bacteria irritate the skin. Washing the face at least three times a day in the morning, in the afternoon and before going to bed is ideal. The face should be washed using cold water and a cleanser.  The cleanser chosen should be mild. Astringent can be used thereafter which absorbs any left over oil.

Cold creams or lotions should not be used on oily skin especially the oil based creams and lotions. Keeping the skin dry is very important for the treatment of acne. Use of lotions or creams make the skin greasy and clog the pores and encourage acne. The make ups and cosmetics used for oily skin type should be water based and not oil based ones. Oil based makeup on oily skin aggravate the skin and flare up acne. Make up should be removed before going to bed.

Benzoyl peroxide is a well known treatment for acne and oily skin. It has bactericidal properties and it keeps the skin more clear by peeling off the dead skin cells inside the hair follicles with no over drying effects. Isopropyl alcohol is supposed to be helpful in healing acne but it over dries the skin and which can flare up acne.

In the diet for individuals of oily skin type, fried, salty and greasy foods should be avoided. Foods containing iodine like iodized salt and fish should be avoided. Drinking lots of water (six to eight glasses) is good as it flushes out the toxins. Sulfur, resorcinol and salicylic acid help in healing the skin. Salicylic acid is effective on blackheads also.

Topical antibiotics are used for the bacteria related to acne. Retinoic acid also helps in peeling off the dead cells from hair follicles and prevents forming of plugs. When retinoic acid is used initially it may aggravate the condition and it may take two to three months for any actual improvement.

Intake of yogurt is important as it enhances the immune system and contains probiotic bacteria which are important in the process of digestion. While using all these products routine skin care and exercise is very important. Regular cleansing and miniaturization is important to prevent dirt accumulation and over drying.