Are You Forced to Pay for Your Own Elderly Care?

National Health Service

If you or a loved one has a serious health condition and one that is expected to last for quite some time, the NHS is obliged to pay for 100 percent of your elderly care needs. The National Health Service should provide you with an assessment to determine your need and should your needs require long-term care, the agency is required to fund the entire cost of that care including nursing and accommodation fees if you are living in a care home.

Unfortunately many residents do not know this fact. Many continue to pay for their own care. In fact, if it is known that you have a bit of money in savings then you may not even receive advice about NHS funds.

If you have been paying for your own elderly care or for the care of a relative who qualifies for NHS funds the agency is obliged to return to you any care fees that you have wrongly paid. This goes on to include refunding the estate of a person who has died.

In order to ensure that NHS pays for your nursing care you will need to have an assessment. The NHS will perform this assessment to determine if your health has deteriorated. It is these same assessments that have caused the NHS to be forced to refund millions of pounds to residents who should have received free care but were forced to pay for their own care out of pocket.

These refunds are often provided only after complaints have been filed by patients or their families. It is important that you check into an NHS assessment if you require elderly care. A solicitor with experience in this matter can help you to properly complete the process to ensure that you are not paying for care that should be covered by NHS.

A better understanding of the health system and how elderly care is assessed will help to ensure that you or your relative receives care that is needed and that any charges levied against you are legally yours to pay.

This article was written by Cheselden Continuing Care, continuing care review specialists.

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