Your diet and Acne

Diet and Acne

The connection between diet and acne is a debatable issue. But some foods are assumed to have role in the genesis of acne.

The first and most important ingredient is the dietary fats. The type of fat taken is important. Saturated fat and partially hydrogenated fats are supposed to be playing a positive role in acne by causing damage and inflammation to the body tissue. Partially hydrogenated fats are more harmful as they replace the unsaturated fats in the body cells. These fats are present in crackers, chips, cookies and packaged foods and hence they should be avoided.

Also taking low fat or non fat dairy products is advisable. Butter and red meat should not be consumed. Margarine and fried foods should be avoided as they cause acne. Heated and reused oils are involved in making of the French fries and toxins causing acne and hence French fries should be avoided. Safflower oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil and corn oil should be avoided as they contain omega 6 fats which are known to cause inflammation. Omega 3 fats should be taken in diet as supplement. They are present in flax seeds, cod liver oil, fish oil and salmon. They have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Proteins should be taken in sufficient quantities and carbohydrates should be under control as they cause inflammation and tissue damage. Foods made up of wheat flour and large amounts of sugar (bakery items) should be avoided. Intake of plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for prevention of acne and also for overall health due to their vitamin and fiber content. Fiber is good in the process of digestion and proper emptying. Overeating, in general also cause acne due to increase in testosterone level.

Foods containing vitamin A and carotene are good for prevention of acne like carrots, apricots, green leafy vegetables, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and sweet potatoes. Drinking lots of water is good for flushing out the toxins and for better nutrient transport. If the diet is devoid of adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables then pills containing multivitamins can be taken. The nutritional supplements given for acne are to decrease inflammation, fight infection and to nurture the skin.

The supplements should be bought from the health food store. Of course the fruits and vitamins from foods are always better then the supplements. They are better absorbed in the body than from the pill. A pill containing 25 000units of vitamin A can be taken daily. Vitamin A helps in skin healing.

A tablet of 50 mg of zinc can be taken daily. Zinc helps in healing tissue, preventing scarring, resist infection and inflammation. Zinc should be taken with copper as zinc supplementation can cause copper deficiency. A supplement of Acidophilus bacteria can be taken to maintain the digestive function. Also a supplements containing digestive enzymes amylase, protease and lipase can be taken for improvement of process of digestion.