Water Therapy for Acne

Keeping the body hydrated is the base behind water therapy. Hydration overcomes the blockage of pores and dead cells are shed properly. Drinking 2 liters of water daily is suggested for this purpose. It is also said that application of moisturizer does not actually moisturizes the skin only drinking lots of water can hydrate the skin.

Moisture is very good for good skin. Rinsing the face with water is good. While doing thing splashing lots of water on face is recommended. This is the way to hydrate, oxygenate and detoxify the skin which makes one feel refreshed and stress-free. This also replaces the lost moisture. Moisturizing encourages toning, firming and circulation.

Also the adequately hydrated skin effectively cleans and protects itself and further it becomes soft, healthy and balanced. Water in the skin is also known to regulate and control the natural balance of the skin. Warm water revives and hydrates the skin. It also detoxifies and oxygenates the skin and facilitates transport of nutrients all over the body. the toxins get dissolved in water and thereby help in removing and flushing them out. It also helps in reducing large pores and blackheads and gives the feeling of relaxed and re-energized along with replacement of moisture.

Lack of water hinders lot of body functions like throwing out the toxins and overloads bowels, lungs, kidneys and skin. And this brings about pressure on organs like liver and kidney to work sub optimally and may not be able to do other bodily functions at all.

Now drinking large amounts means how much water is a question. It is said that six to eight glasses but the size of the glasses is not mentioned. Further the amount of water required is different for different individuals. In such cases a normal guideline is the urine should be very near to clear, this much water intake is supposed to be optimal. Drinking water in too large quantities can flush out the electrolytes. Drinking distilled or purified water is better than the plane tap water. But distilled water lacks minerals  so purified water is good. Flavored vitamin tablets can be added to water to adapt to drinking sufficient water. Here one gets the refreshing taste and the required vitamins.

Acne are more inn oily skin and if oily skin is due to less water then drinking more water is the best way to moisturize the skin. Acne treatment is one of the benefits of water therapy.