Why Holistic Drug Treatment is Better than Replacement Drugs

Some addicts experience withdrawal many times before deciding to end the addiction forever. Because withdrawal from substance abuse can vary in symptoms and intensity, there is no way to predict how easy or difficult it will be. The end result, however, should be complete freedom from drugs. With this in mind, it stands to reason that holistic drug treatment offers a better chance of remaining drug-free than simply replacing one drug with another.

Addiction Recovery Is a Process

Withdrawal tops the list of things that must happen in order to end addiction. Holistic treatment offers alternatives to medications by treating the individual physically, spiritually and mentally. The whole person can be treated without the use of replacement drugs. This offers the individual a better understanding of themselves and their actions. Holistic treatment can include such practices as individual and group therapy, leisure/recreational therapy, and even art therapy. However, there are also other approaches in treatment. These are designed to help addicts express their thoughts and emotions in a way in which they are comfortable. It offers a chance for individuals overcoming addiction to connect with reality while dealing with the thoughts which linger from addiction.

Addictiveness of Replacement Drugs

Replacement drugs, however, such as Methadone, have proven to be almost as addictive as the offending drug, such as Heroin or Opiates. The United States Government is now looking into other alternatives, although Methadone was once thought to be a safe substance abuse treatment aid. The fact is that it affects the same sensors in the brain that Heroin and other Opioids do. Hundreds of thousands of people who were given the replacement drug have since become addicted. This means their addiction never ended, it simply changed drugs.  It has been widely used because it is known to ease the physical discomfort of addiction. Naturally it does, since it is an addictive drug in its own right. It doesn’t end addiction, it simply replaces it.

Holistic Drug Treatment Is Done Without Using Drugs

In order to cleanse the body and physical dependence on harmful drugs, the individual can ease symptoms of withdrawal with completely drug-free methods. Addiction recovery done holistically can heal the entire person, and not simply the physical dependence. The Narconon program, for example, does not use therapy in their program, although there are counselors. It focuses instead on ridding the body of drugs by detoxification using sauna and a natural medicine approach. Individuals also learn how to better communicate and understand how the thought process can be changed in order to facilitate successful holistic drug treatment.

Holistic Rehab Is No Quick Fix But a Permanent One

As many have discovered, using a replacement drug is not the answer. Addiction is often still the result. Addiction recovery in the truest sense is completely putting drug use of any kind in the past. Using a drug such as Methadone to treat drug addiction is like using sleeping pills to stop alcoholism. It is simply not logical. Healing the mind, body and spirit with holistic drug treatment is a safer and more realistic alternative. The goal is to live drug-free. It’s that simple. One can’t live drug-free if they are simply replacing the drug used. A replacement drug also cannot teach behavior techniques and help to understand the thought process – holistic drug treatment can.

Getting the facts is important before starting any drug treatment. All treatment centers are not created equal. Only when all drug use has ended is there freedom from addiction. Replacement drugs are a band-aid remedy to what can be a lifelong problem. Holistic drug treatment offers total freedom from substance abuse and addiction, not a quick fix.

This post was written by Daniel Manson. Daniel is dedicated to helping those with addiction problems recover to live a fulfilling life. Daniel writes for the Narconon Drug Treatment Network.