Cure Acne with green tea

Green tea is consumed by large number of people, great for your overall health and body. It is made from the plant Camelia sinensis with healthiness and wellness benefits. It is better to drink it than the normal black tea or coffee because it is refreshing too. It is very good anti oxidant, anti-oxidants fight against free radicals.

Anti oxidants are also important in fighting against diseases and for healthy makeup of cells. They are useful in preventing cancer, lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.  The anti oxidant present in green tea is Pigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which revitalizes the dying cells of the skin. Polyphenols and flavonols are the two more anti oxidants present in the green tea.The anti oxidant properties remain intact due to minimal oxidation during processing. This tea is not fermented. In general it is good for overall good health.

Holding a warm tea bag on the pimple help to take out toxins from the lesion and help in cure. Green extracts are found to be having anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and hormone controlling properties. Green tea in drink form removes toxins from the body and it also helps in digestion. All these are associated with acne and therefore green tea can cure it. it can be used and available in cream form and the results are comparable to that of 4% benzoyl peroxide topical solution. It required 12 weeks for the effects to be seen. There is an improvement in the skin tone and drying of skin and allergic reactions is rare due to green tea. Green tea also acts as skin cleanser and toner when green tea is applied on skin in the form of cream. The water after boiling the green tea in it can be used to wash the face. It should be allowed to dry on the skin. Green tea can be applied on the blemishes directly.

The green tea treats acne without redness and irritation.

Green tea is effective in not only treating the acne but also in preventing it and without any side effects. The most important thing in the green tea extract is it is a natural remedy.