Dry Skin Acne

There are three types of skins namely; normal skin, dry skin and oily skin. Acne can be caused in all three types of skin only the severity differs. In many people all the three types of skin are present on there face and other parts of the body. The type of care required is also different according to the skin type. For people having dry skin acne can be there and they flare up in winter. In this type of skin acne are generally under the skin than on the surface of skin. Daily skin care is required and the severity of the condition decreases as the season changes.

Dry Skin Care

In winter due to low temperatures and humidity combined with heating there is excessive drying and irritation of skin. There is flaking of skin in the nearby area of nose, mouth, shoulders and buttocks. In severe cases the skin gets cracks and there may be infection and thus acne flare up. Daily application of moisturizer prevents the consequences of drying. Bath with hot water makes the skin drier and requires more moisturizing. Moisturizer should be applied within few minutes after shower. The moisturizer should be chosen containing mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramides and glycerine.

In summer the atmosphere is humid and it is absorbed in skin. The pores become softer due to heat and sweat and more bacteria and liquid are pulled inside the pores. In summer the dry skin creams containing retinoids should be used and then moisturizer and sunscreen should be applied on the skin. Retinoids may make the skin dry but they are known to reduce wrinkles, sun spots and lines in dry skin individuals.

It is demonstrated that scarring is more in dark skin but it is due to improper healing of the blemishes. Scarring is more related to heredity. For the dry skin care oil free cleanser can be used and soap should be avoided as it makes the skin dry and can flare up acne. Use of moisturizers is recommended, preferably containing salicylic acid and gel based. Moisturizer should not contain oil. Oil free sunscreen lotions can be used any sun should be avoided between 11 am to 2 pm. Intake of plenty of fluids is recommended to hydrate the skin and to provide nutrient supply to skin. Smoking should be stopped. Along with all these daily physical exercise is important which improves oxygen supply to skin and sweating cleanses the pores. Exercise can be started before the onset of acne to prevent them.