Warts Treatment

Any abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body is cause for frustration and irritation. They are also cause for concern and unless you get to find out the actual reasons, you cannot rest easy.

Such an abnormal growth that leads to skin lumps is called warts and they are mainly caused by the Human Papilloma virus or more popularly referred to as HPV. Though warts are harmless, some of them can also be cancerous in nature and it is therefore important to eliminate them so that they do not get the chance to spread within the body. Warts often grow in rather inaccessible and awkward areas and unless they are treated immediately, they will continue to fester and cause all sorts of problems. The only method of wart treatment that is effective is its complete removal.

Warts Treatment

There are different ways by which this can be done. The non-surgical way of applying various creams is one of the options as these contain chemicals that can destroy the warts. However, their effectiveness is suspect and not everybody has found them to be effective and have even complained about a recurrence of the warts appearing after some time. Others have found it effective and prefer it over the surgical procedure.

The surgical procedure involves removal of the wart physically out of the body and that is done by cutting the skin with the scalpel. This is a costlier procedure and due anesthetics are given to the patient prior to the operation. Since the warts are removed physically, the process is a faster method of dealing with the problem and also more effective.

Of late however, one more method of wart treatment has emerged and that is the laser method. This involves directing laser light or beam towards the wart and this result in the wart getting broken down. The destroyed portions of the warts are absorbed into the body and they do not cause any problems. The pain is rather minimal and if required anesthetics are given. Based on the size of the warts, the procedure could take between ten minutes to half an hour. Immediately after treatment, the area could get discolored but would get back to normal after some days.

This laser form of wart treatment has been proved to be pretty effective and though it is on the costlier side, it is well worth it as the patient can get a permanent solution to this problem.