Eye Floaters – a common problem but must not be neglected

Our eyes are one of the most valuable organs in our body and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure they are well protected and kept away from any harm. Just as we take care of our hair, skin and other organs, we need to be very alert and quick to detect any problems that may be developing within the eyes and take remedial action at the earliest. While there is no need to press the panic button should anything untoward happen, it is the awareness and quick action that can save us from any further damage.

Eye Floaters

In this context, one problem that many people face intermittently and even over some period of time is that of eye floaters. These are small spots that are seen when you look at bright backgrounds such as the sky or anything white. They are the result of a jelly like substance forming within the eyeball due to the aggregation of debris. Since they move with the eyeball, you cannot physically remove them with your own hands by washing or cleaning your eyes or even by rubbing them.

These eye floaters are of different dimensions and while some appear like small dots, others would appear hair like or in the form of threads. Generally they are harmless except the irritation they cause to the person. It is only when they increase in number that the person needs to be worried about them and should take steps to get them removed through appropriate techniques. Delaying then can lead to the internal eye structure getting damaged.

So what are the typical symptoms and causes of this condition?

The typical symptoms are those which are mentioned above and while the smaller specks do not cause much harm to the eyes, larger ones can cause your vision to get disturbed and distorted.

As for the causes, as one grows older, the vitreous humor present in the eye undergoes changes. Those having a firm vitreous humor do not experience any problems but those with a liquid vitreous humor would have issues due to the debris being able to move more freely within the eyeball and that is how they then aggregate over time to become small lumps. Other causes include any inflammation in the eye, infections, any detachment of the vitreous and so on. Eye floaters are also caused due to the regular intake of certain medications that are used to reduce weight, treat skin related problems or for memory recovery.

What is the cure?

The eye has powerful natural ways to protect itself and as long as the eye floaters do not cause any problems related to sight, one should try to get used to them. Over time, the brain will learn to ignore the presence of these floaters and there would be no need for any medication. Surgery is not a recommended option unless the problem gets worse and it causes a lot of pain or discomfort.

The ideal solution of course would be to avoid getting Eye Floaters in the first place and that can be achieved by strengthening the eyes by taking a balanced diet. There is a need to take a lot of water, fresh vegetables and fruits as these are very good for the body in general and for the eyes in particular.