Sciatic nerve

Our body consists of a lot of bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons with each of them having a crucial role to perform in order to keep the body active and free from any disability. One such nerve is the sciatic nerve, which is indeed the longest nerve and can also be quite thick at one point. It begins at the base of the lower spine and extends up to the back of the individual’s knee. All of us have two such nerves that begin from either side from the spine base and continue on their path down the thighs to the back of the knees before fanning out into other equally important nerves that end at the feet.

Sciatic nerve

It is due to the sciatic nerves that we are able to experience sensations and are also able to exercise control on the lower extremities of our body. The movement of our hips, knees as well as feet can only be possible if these nerves are functioning properly. The sciatic nerves act as transmitters of signals arising from these body parts to the spine and from there to the brain. Their strategic spinal base position enables them to carry out this function instantaneously.

Each of the sciatic nerve are further divided into two parts – the first part referred to as the articular part enables control of the hip joint and the second part which is referred to as the muscular part exercises command over the leg muscles as well as feet muscles and facilitate their smooth movements.

The condition of sciatica is a well known one and happens when any one of the sciatic nerves gets compressed. This condition can cause tingling as well as severe pain to the individual and this can occur anywhere starting from the spinal base to the feet and is usually restricted to any one side of the individual’s body. Many individuals also report a feeling of having got an electric shock when they try any movements and that is a sure case of one of the sciatic nerve having got compressed due to the action of cartilage, muscles or bones.

Those individuals experiencing such sensations, however mild they may be should not ignore them and report the problem to a good doctor. Early detection like in most conditions can be very useful in restricting any damage the condition might cause going ahead. People who have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing such sensations should immediately report the same to their doctor in order to take immediate corrective action so that any problem to the spine or thighs is avoided.