Stresses of marriage potentially leading to depression

It is difficult to ascertain the cause of emotional stress in an individual as there is no specific barometer or instrument to measure it. Yes, it may have its impact on the blood pressure and other vital signs, but those may not be conclusive. A person suffering from stress often tends to become irritable and angry. He also suffers from bouts of depression and tends to become withdrawn into himself.

Marriage stress causing depression

The causes may be problems with finance, job related stress, family problems and so on. It is not unusual even for school going children to experience stress due to the heavy workload of studies they are subjected to and the constant goading from their parents about the need to excel and compete with their peers. Some people are naturally stressed out and when you ask them about any specific reason for their condition, they will have nothing to tell you. It is in their genes to remain hyper and tense and may be their own body mechanism to deal with the problems in life.

However, it has been found that a lot of stress arises mainly due to family problems and particularly due to strained relations with spouse. The fact that there are so many divorces taking place is one indicator of how a failed marriage can wreak havoc in a person’s life and also cause him or her great emotional stress and depression. Happy marriages make for a healthy society and it is the family bondage that keeps individuals grounded and content in relationships.

People undergoing depression generally take to anti-depressants without realizing that these medicines can at best provide them some relief only for some time. After about a couple of months, the effects of these tablets start wearing out and when they increase the dosage to get the same effects, they undergo many side effects such as sudden gain in weight, lack of interest in sex and so on and that leads to greater emotional stress and depression. The use of medicines to deal with stress and depression thus need to be carefully weighed for its advantages.

Those suffering from emotional stress due to problems in their marriage will do well to visit a marriage counselor. A marriage counselor provides psychotherapy to couples through short or prolonged sessions depending on the requirement of the case and attempts to improve the relationship between the husband and wife. The causes of conflict may be many such as ego clashes, incompatibility in sex, constant illness of one of the partners, infidelity, not demonstrating affection and so on. Many of these problems can be solved if the partners are serious about their relationship and view the marriage counselor as a friend who is trying to sort out issues.

Of course, it is necessary to find the right marriage counselor in your area. You need to check out the qualifications, experience and whether the counselor is licensed to operate in that area. People living in Maryland can take the help of marriage counseling maryland to sort out their problems and any marriage stress that may have cause depression.