Health Medical Solution – A great help

The computer has enabled many of the businesses to reduce the paperwork involved.  Companies are trying to achieve the concept of a paperless office, as all the important data can be saved on the computer.  If you have recently met up with your doctor or a hospital, then you would have experienced this.  The authorities no longer use paper records.  In fact, everything is stored as electronic medical records on the computer.

Electronic Medical Records

Mentioned below are some things which you need to give thought to:

Electronic medical records (EMR) enable easy updating.  One is able to read the prescriptions and notes made by the doctor or medical authorities.  Doctor’s handwriting is famous and is now a thing of the past and we do not have to strain our eyes.

As they are electronic records, they are 100% accurate and the latest information provided on the records is precise and there is hardly any room for ambiguity.

The National Programme for IT (NPFIT) has been of great help as a complete record of the patients is available at any time and at any location.  The method is very effectual and efficient and the doctors are able to get the medical records of a patient at the click of a mouse button.  Unnecessary time, effort and money is not wasted in sending the reports to the doctors.  The records are accessible to new doctors who handle the case.

As far as security is concerned, NPFIT is 100% secure.  Only concerned people would be provided accessibility to the site and records of patients.  Moreover, they are more secure and safe as compared to the hard copies of printouts of the patients.  There are greater chances of these hardcopy printouts getting lost or damaged due to natural calamities like fire, flood and so on.

X rays, ultrasound scans can be sent across and exchanged between different locations and they are 100% secure as compared to emailing scanned images or sending the reports by courier service.

The entire history of the patient and medical reports can be captured on the computer.  Moreover, the doctor also gets an idea of the background of the patient, the medication the patient is undergoing and so on.  Unlike, paper records, they will not get lost or misplaced.  These records are environmental friendly ways to protect trees and save mankind.  They are better than paper records and saves considerable NHS money.  Doctors and their assistants spend valuable time recovering the patient’s papers.  This problem is now sorted out thanks to EMR as the records and data are available at your fingertips.

Thanks to the electronic medical records, space problems are sorted out.  Medical associations and doctors facing space constraint difficulties are now more relaxed and at ease, as they do not have to set aside any dedicated space for the patient’s records.  The space can be fruitfully utilised for treating patients, providing treatment and so on.

Practice management software helps healthcare companies and professionals to handle multifaceted practice management tasks.  This software is greatly beneficial to both medium as well as large medical organisations, hospitals, billing companies and so on.  The Practice Management software is completely incorporated with the EMR software which lends perfect medical software solutions which take care of both clinical as well as administrative matters.