Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer – your way to good health

The brand, Life Fitness is synonymous with an entire range of exercise machines which are referred to a elliptical trainers.  Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer has been showered with customer praises and has to its credit a fair number of industry awards.  Some of the citations received by this wonderful range of gym equipment are Consumer Search, Smart money and Runner’s World.  This exclusive brand in the world of fashion has served the masses for twenty seven years and boasts of being a reliable brand in about 120 countries all over the globe.

The Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers are popular for its sturdiness, utility and magnificence.  The materials used for making this equipment are long lasting and offers 100% guarantee. They have been specially crafted by biomechanical engineers and other professionals in the design industry. They are not only relaxing but ergonomical too. It is a must have for every fitness freak. You too can become a proud owner of one of these elliptical trainers in your home.

Health enthusiasts or fitness buffs get to choose from the six basic models of the Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer.  All the models are well equipped with the latest benefits, features and competitive prices, making it the most wanted fitness and exercise equipment in every household.

Life Fitness Elliptical Trainers are available in the following models:

Club series – This is basically the home gym version and adorns every health club.  The basic hand sensors for detecting heart rate are present in this model of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer which eases heart zone rate.

X8 Series – This is quite a popular model of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer.  The electronic stride adjustments are superbly supported with low impact workout.  Fitness freaks can adjust the unit by either introducing the basic or the advanced console in addition to the heart rate sensor.

X5 Series – One can customise this model of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer.  People into body and muscle building would love to have this equipment.  This is a four in one fitness and health training machine where you could sprint, run, jog and walk.  You also have the flexibility of customising via the console. The latest introduction to the X5 series is the X5i series.

X3 Series – This model of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer produces absolutely no sound, thanks to the Whisper stride technology.  This fitness equipment produces no sound at all.  Another introduction to the X3 series is the X3i.

X1 Series – This model of Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer has a permanent stride length which is ideal for novices.  On payment of an additional fee, you could customise the console.

Sports Cardio SX30 – This is the basic model of the Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer and hence you should check out other models if you want good value for the money you are spending.

The workout consoles have built in iPod integration as well as television sets which provide audio as well as visual entertainment.  The other readouts in the workout consoles include the intensity, incline, heart rate and duration.

Just to summarise, life fitness elliptical trainers are indeed value for money.  You need to use these fitness equipments with care.  Use them safely, properly and regularly for a good health. A physically active lifestyle is away of living that regularly includes physical activity such as us fitness elliptical trainer equipment, walking from time to time,climbing stairs, or participating in recreational activities. Researchers  have recently shown that people who live a physically active lifestyle are able to maintain their functional health status longer than people who lead an inactive lifestyle, or sedentary lifestyle.