Common myths about acne

It is generally seen people try to treat acne and do not take physicians or a dermatologist’s advice.  Most of the times, the treatment is based on misconceptions.

Here are some myths about acne:

  • The cause of acne is the dirt inside the pores. This is true to certain extent and is also a potential factor but over washing the face for this purpose does not solve the problem but it aggravates it.
  • Acne get cured without treatment. Actually acne can be treated but it can not be cured. In absence of treatment there is a risk of scarring.
  • Applying the pimple cream on the pimple treats it. Actually the whole face should be treated even in asymptomatic condition.
  • Bad diet can cause acne. Greasy foods, chocolates, coffee and fatty foods are believed to cause acne. Diet plays a role in acne formation but beyond that hormones and heredity are more important factors. Iodine containing foods like seaweed, shellfish or iodized salt do cause acne.
  • Good skin is due to health diet. It is not so straight forward thing.
  • Acne is caused due to make up. Actually the make up products are based on research and care is taken that they do not clog the pores. If exercise is done wearing the make up then there is excessive sweating and the sweat can not come out of pores and they get clogged which contributes towards acne flare up.
  • Acne gets cured by sweating caused during exercise by cleaning the pores. Actually exercise cause over production of oil, sweat heat and friction on the back and chest and this causes acne flare up in these regions.
  • Acne is caused due to stress. This myth is true to a certain extent but it is exaggerated. Stress may aggravate hormone production and thereby oil production.
  • Sunscreen is responsible for causing acne. If the sunscreen lotion is oily or greasy then due to these things it can cause acne. Oil free sunscreen can be used without fear of acne.
  • Sun is better for healing of scars and pimples. Mild sun exposure may heal acne but prolonged exposure worsens the condition. Further prolonged sun exposure can cause tanning and skin cancer.
  • Laser is the ultimate solution to acne problem including scars.
  • Acne can be treated by using skin drying products and stripes without taking physician’s advice. Actually over drying the skin can cause acne.
  • Acne can be cures. No, they can be treated.

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