Sunshine are good for bones

Experts from sunlight is good for bones, osteoporosis, known as the osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease, these patients may eventually be possible to take advantage of the sunlight that he warned. Experts, osteoporosis, a disease known as osteoporosis, bone mineral loss of calcium due to the problem of brittle bones and again that this disease affects all bones, but mostly wrist fractures, the spine and hip creating said.

In post-menopausal women in early menopause, those who entered skeleton small and thin, with those who are very weak, eating disorders, women who are unconscious, nutrition, family history of osteoporosis in those with a calcium intake Milk, for example, do not consume enough not use the sun’s light enough, not enough physical activity has not been done at risk are those who consume alcohol and tobacco. Necessary, these diseases can benefit from the sun’s are the spokes.

2 glasses of milk or milk products should be consumed daily. Screed, in postmenopausal women, children and adolescents should drink 3-4 cups of milk. 1 box of matches of cheese, 5-6 pieces of hazelnuts or almonds, 1 tablespoon of molasses from grapes, meals eaten in large green salad. Fish 2 times per week 2-3 times consumed at plate of beans 1 meal. Let’s arms and legs of 20 minutes per day of sun. Excessive protein, salt, sugar, and sure to consume drinks containing caffeine. To take our life away on the alcohol and smoking. Make regular physical activity into lifestyle.

The synthesis of vitamin D, especially for winter sun did not have enough impact, then, especially between November and March, we recommend vitamin D supplementation is indicated. Sun were milk and dairy products, vegetables, calcium-rich bones of fish such as anchovies and sardines with renewable resources. Children are playing computer games all day on sunny days at the beginning of the TV to play ball, run. Aging of the skin and vitamin D decreases, and domestic production increasingly depends on the ability of older people that vitamin D including vitamin D to meet the need of drugs. Sometimes it comes out is also important for the elderly.