Top knee surgeons throughout the UK

Knee Surgeons

For those struggling with the effects of damaged joints or limbs, surgery is often the only answer. Yet going under the knife is not a decision anyone should make lightly and you’ll want to make sure the surgeon you choose is a leading expert in his or her field.

Knee surgeons in the UK

Over the past few years there has been plenty of news generated around knee replacement surgery. Early in 2012 it was reported that more evidence was needed on the effectiveness of this type of surgery. Whilst success rates are indisputably high this report highlighted the need to monitor patients over a longer time period to ensure those who underwent the surgery were suitable for it.

The success rates of surgeries are obviously an important factor when deciding whether or not to consider surgery and are often linked to particular surgeons. As in all professions and careers, there are some surgeons who perform better than others or who have better success rates – and this is something patients are advised to consider.

In 2010, the Daily Mail produced their own top ten list of UK knee surgeons emphasising how, as the body’s most complicated joint, any operation on knees needed to be completed by professional and highly trained individuals.

Amongst the entries on their list were well known experts such as Tim Wilton of Royal Derby Hospital, Peter James of Nottingham University Hospital and Robin Allum of Wexham Park Hospital in Slough. Surgeons at the University Hospital of Wales, Nuttfield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford and Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast also made the cut.

Other leading names include Ben Lankester, Sean O’Leary and Shawn Tavares.

Choosing the right surgeon

Whilst this data might be a little old, there are still plenty of top surgeons still practicing in the UK. Patients considering surgery on their knees should look for surgeons who have plenty of experience in the field, reviewing their success rates and previous cases to evaluate their work.

Of course, it’s not just the actual quality of the surgery which needs to be considered – although this is understandably important. The quality of aftercare must also be evaluated and the surgeon’s bedside manner and approach towards patients also needs to be top notch.

This is why booking surgery through a reputable firm is always advised. All of the surgeons in the Daily Mail’s top ten list worked within the NHS but many also operated privately. Booking your surgery through a reputable private firm will help you gain access to a professional surgeon with plenty of experience and an excellent aftercare system.