Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a horrible reality of this world that we live in, and while it is not a nice subject to discuss; it is something that we should all be aware of. Here are some facts about child abuse (all facts obtained from the NSPCC website):

  • 11.5% of young adults have been subject to severe physical violence at the hands of an adult
  • 13% of all children registered on the child protection scheme in 2011 were registered as a result of physical violence
  • Nearly 25% of young adults report to have been the subject of sexual abuse during their childhood at the hands of an adult or a peer
  • Just in England and Wales 17,727 sexual crimes against under 16’s were recorded in 2010/11
  • 34% of 11-17 year olds who suffered from sexual abuse in 2010/2011 at the hands of an adult did not report it, whilst a massive 82.7% who suffered at the hands of a peer did not report it.

These statistics are shocking. Even sickening. To think that people could do such a thing. But there is good news.

Did you know you can claim compensation for child abuse. Now, I know receiving a large sum of money can never undo the traumatic events that you may have been through, but making a claim could allow you to receive the money to pay for such things as high quality therapy, the best surgery for physical damage that may have been caused, and could even help you pay for things your abuser may not have permitted you to have, such as nice clothing or a holiday – and whilst the latter things seem superficial, they can be an incredibly useful tool in the building of confidence and helping you to realise your freedom and your worth. And, most importantly, if your abuser has not yet been brought to justice, this may be your chance to do so. Companies such as BBK can offer you a no win no fee service which will allow you to claim against your abuser, and whilst it will not help you to claim back the childhood you may have lost, it will certainly allow you to make the most of your future

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