Laser Treatment for acne

Acne is caused due obstruction of sebaceous glands and their infection. The condition can occur on face, neck, back, chest, shoulders and upper arms. Acne can develop any age but is more prevalent in adolescence and teen age. In case of improper treatment it can cause scarring. If acne is a chronic condition and if they do not respond to any treatment then laser is the better option. Also treatment can cause scarring therefore laser treatment is always better and the body beauty can be restored. It can be used for recurrent flare ups or scars.

Topical or oral antibiotics are the conventional treatments for acne. But using laser treatment acne can be cured in few minutes. The time required for a session is just 15 to 20 minutes. The results achieved are more than 80% clear up in just few minutes. Generally eight brief laser treatments are given the frequency depends on the kind of laser used for the treatment. the laser treatment is given in increments.

No pain, no adverse effects, minimally invasive, long lasting effects and no down time are the advantages of laser treatment. The results are quicker than those by using medications are topical; creams. Further no daily creams, pills and the clearance is approximately 80% and the treatment has no danger. The 420-950 nm range of intense blue light creates singlet oxygen which quickly destroys the P acne bacteria without injuring the tissue around.

Sebaceous glands play an important role in development of acne. certain laser beam reduces the size of sebaceous glands. The laser also decreases the sebum production. It also encourages skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is important in reducing scars, wrinkles and lines on the skin. Certain lasers are used to control the inflammation of the tissue.

Laser treatment can also be used for rosacea which is supposed to be adult acne; however, it is not acne. Laser treatment for rosacea involves use of intense pulsed light. Before opting for laser treatment for rosacea a dermatologists advice is essential as laser treatment for rosacea may aggravate the condition. Another aspect of laser treatment for acne is it does not treat the cause of acne. The cane may be due to some cause in the body instead of on the face or the environment.

Laser treatment is not the first line treatment. Other simpler and less costly treatments are generally tried first. Laser may be used in combination with other treatments. Generally the laser treatment is successful in 90% people. But since huge cost and efforts are involved a consultation with a dermatologist is always better.