Makeup techniques for acne

Makeup For Acne

Make up is such a thing which helps in hiding the acne but there is a fear that wearing make up for prolonged period of time can cause acne. Noncomedogenic type of make up products does not contain components that clog pores. The make up products labeled as noncomedogenic can be used and even individuals having acne can see improvements after using these products.

Acne is caused due to bacteria. These can remain attached to make application tools. These tools should be thoroughly cleaned using antibacterial soaps few times a week. Isopropyl alcohol can be rubbed on the applicators. Disposable applicators can be used for make up and most important is they should be disposed after use. Foundation can be applied with clean fingers also. Use of powder based make up is recommended over liquid type. Excessive oil gets absorbed by using powder make up. If the condition becomes worse after wearing make up for few days consecutively then the brand should be changed. Whenever possible, make up should be avoided. It allows the skin to heal and breath.

Before doing the make up face should be cleaned with mild soap and cold water. Over washing the face is also not good. For normal skin washing once or twice a day is adequate. After drying the face astringent can be applied. In case of blemishes a concealer can be used to hide the pimple. Foundation can be then applied over the concealed pimple. After doing these things normal make up can be worn.

In selecting the make up the brand should be chosen which does not penetrate in the skin but it simply covers the skin. Such make ups also contain anti bacterial agents acting against bacteria causing acne. Some concealers contain salicylic acid which is known to unclog the pores. They cover the skin and fight against acne. Concealer and foundation used should be oil free. It is important that make up should be removed before going to bed. For this purpose a mild cleanser and toner can be used. Using these simple tips acne can be covered and cured also.