3 New Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Heather K. Jones, nutrition expert recommends these three unusual waist-slimming tactics: Tempt your taste buds with vegetable juice, have a vegetarian lunch once a week, and get a regular seafood fix.
The Fat-Fighting Fare

Here’s how these small adjustments can offer big boosts in your overall weight loss results, according to Jones:
  • Sip vegetable juice every day. No need to demonize juice for its calorie count. Research suggests vegetable juice may help control your appetite and may be beneficial to people who have metabolic syndrome. In a study, people following the DASH diet lost four times as much weight in 12 weeks when they drank an 8-ounce glass of low-sodium vegetable juice each day, compared with those who ditched juice. Choose natural vegetable juice with no salt or sugar added.

    Drinking vegetable juice has a variety of benefits both for weight loss and prevention of heart disease. Vegetable juice is a good source of potassium which helps to lower blood pressure and the antioxidants reduce chronic inflammation which can increase the risk of heart disease or a heart attack. Vegetable juice is low in calories and satisfying when drank with a meal which reduces the risk of overeating.

  • Have a meatless lunch. Research suggests this simple act could knock off 5 pounds or more in a year if you do it once a week, writes Jones. In a study, people who ate mushroom-based lunches instead of beef-based ones ate 30 fewer grams of fat the rest of the day and felt equally satisfied.
  • Seek protein from the sea. A study suggests you can lose more weight on a reduced-calorie diet that includes fish rather than on a seafood-free weight loss plan. Fish packs fewer calories per ounce than beef, pork, and most skin-on poultry. And the omega-3 fats that fish contains may help stimulate fat burning in cells, researchers claim.

By:  Tip Of The Day