Why You Should Get Your Eyes Tested

There are a huge number of specialist opticians in the UK, so getting your eyes tested has never been easier; with many opticians even offering tests completely free of charge. Despite this however, a worrying percentage of people in Britain have never been for an eye test.

So why should you go and get your eyes tested? In this article I’ll hopefully be able to give you a good idea of why you should be taking your eye health seriously, as well as the myriad of reasons there are for going to get your eyes examined in the first place.

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The first, and most obvious reason for getting an eye exam is that you only get one pair of eyes. Once you sight has gone, they cannot be replaced. For this reason alone you should be getting your eyes checked annually, giving you a much better chance to properly look after your eyes and protect your vision for the long-term.
Healthy and clear eyesight is a fundamental part of getting the most of life, and isn’t worth losing over a short eye exam.

Unlike your teeth, eyes rarely hurt when there’s something wrong; so there’s no point thinking ‘well it doesn’t hurt so I won’t go’. Unfortunately, you can have something seriously wrong with your eyes and potentially not notice any symptoms or pain.

Your optician can spot potentially blinding conditions (such as glaucoma) in their early stages, and early detection gives you a far better chance of fighting the condition. It’s not just problems with your eyes either; your optician would be able to spot early signs of diabetes or heart conditions during an eye test.

Poor eyesight can be extremely hazardous to yourself and to others, particularly if you often drive. Sub-par vision would make driving on the roads potentially dangerous and all drivers now need to meet a legally set standard of eyesight before they’re allowed to drive.

Should you have anything that needs correcting or treating, regular examinations ensure that you get the best and most practical treatment available; something that can only come with regular examination and knowing your optician very well.

Take this quote from Steve Winyard (Royal National Institute Of Blind People):

“Ignorance is quietly robbing people of their sight every day. Unless action is taken, thousands of people in the UK will needlessly lose their sight from conditions that could be treated if caught early.”

So is it really worth the risk? Get yourself down to the opticians today and book yourself an appointment. You’ve got nothing to lose but your vision.

John works for a company specialising in prescription glasses. He’s also a keen blogger and regular guest post contributor to many different blog sites.