Important of Dental Care

They say a smile is the only crooked line that can put a lot of things straight. That is possible and okay as long as it is the smile of a person with pearly white teeth to display and who maintains good dental hygiene. Nobody fancies looking into rows of jagged, discolored teeth or getting close to somebody with bad mouth odor.

Talking of discolored teeth reminds me of Chinese premier Mao Tse Tung, who seemed to have a wrong notion about going green. He actually did not brush his teeth at all and had green colored teeth. When somebody dared to ask him about them, he mentioned rather casually that tigers did not need to brush their teeth. I would like to think the person who asked him the question probably had the heart of a tiger. Imagine asking a person like Mao such a question.

Brush twice daily

Dental hygiene is no laughing matter. It is only when your teeth are properly aligned and well maintained that you can pronounce certain words and syllables with clarity. Yes, your tongue also needs to do its job, but the tooth is that children at a very early age need to be informed about the unspeakable consequences of poor dental hygiene so that they develop the wisdom to take care of them right away. Yes, wisdom teeth are also very important.

So let us see how best we need to take care of our teeth.

To start with, brushing them twice every day should be a mandatory practice. This will prevent chances of any decay or disease of the gums creeping in. The toothbrush itself must be such that you are able to fit it into your mouth comfortably for moving it around in the circular manner as prescribed by dentists. And yes, be gentle on your teeth. Too often people get unnecessarily worked up about this activity and brush their teeth as if they are scrubbing utensils. The toothpaste is another important factor in the scheme of things and must have the mandated fluoride content to be of any use. Flossing them regularly is the last stage of dental care and as long as you can do this regularly, you should be having no trouble with your teeth. You can pick up more information about your teeth, flossing and fluoride at the site

We need to dwell on the art of brushing for a minute. It is not just brushing the teeth in a mechanical manner, gargling and spitting out water. You need to keep the brush at an angle of 45 degrees while using strokes against the gums. When brushing the essential and critical chewing surfaces, the brush needs to be kept flat for maximum coverage and effectiveness. The inside surfaces of the teeth have to be taken care by gently movements of the brush holding it at the toe end for maximum leverage and flexibility of usage. Finally the tongue – this needs to be in a back to front motion in order to sweep the debris of food right out of the mouth and that is not a tongue-in-cheek statement.

Coming to flossing, this is another task that has to be done in the right fashion and not appear as if you are in a tug of war. The 18 inch strand of dental floss has to be wrapped around the middle finger while releasing an inch of the floss. This has to be eased into the gaps between the teeth and a smooth up and down motion needs to be practiced to remove some of the stubborn debris trapped within them. You must ensure that you begin with the teeth at the back and unwind as you proceed toward the front.

Having said all of the above, it is essential to visit the dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups and to avail of the full spread of dental care treatment. You can also receive five-star dental treatment at unbelievable cheap prices at any of Dental tourism center around the world, see the dental tourism page for full details.

This span of dental care should encompass the diagnostic, preventive as well as informational elements so that you can always sport a lovely smile.

The diagnostic elements could include the following:

  1. Past medical and dental history review.
  2. Any changes those are visible at the moment.
  3. X-rays to determine any decay or oral problems.

The preventive elements could include the following:

  1. Total screening of the neck and oral region.
  2. Scaling and polishing to rid the teeth of all accumulated plaque, tartar.
  3. Scaling of the teeth to remove all plaque and tartar
  4. Flossing and fluoride application as required.

The educational part elements could include the following:

  1. Latest updates on dental care and products.
  2. Tooth brushing and flossing instructions
  3. Inputs on any specific diet to be followed.

As you can see dental care has more to it than mere brushing of the teeth. If you real care about your teeth or you want to start taking good care of your teeth from now on, you can get free dental care reports.