Identifying a Laser Lipo surgeon

Laser liposuction is the latest introduction in the field of medicine.  This revolutionary technique has changed the way liposuction was done earlier. The skill and expertise with which the fats are melted into a liquid is amazing and performing this requires dexterity of hands, skill and knowledge.  Only a professional with years of experience would be able to do a justifiable job.

Laser Lipo surgeon

The liposuction technique basically deals with uniform fat melting from areas of your body.  It results in smooth skin without those ugly bumps and lumps.  It helps to contour deformities and lends a healthy look to your skin.  The procedure helps to tighten the skin and helps to get rid of loose skin.

There are a variety of liposuction machines which are used today.  Hence, it is important for every individual to understand the techniques and the machines used if at all you choose to go in for this operation.

The older lipectomy techniques basically helped eliminating fat by introducing a metal tube known as cannula underneath the skin.  The fat was sucked with high power suction. In this technique, there is rupture of fat cells and they are sucked out from the skin.  The other tissues underlying the skin also are sucked out.  Patients undergoing this, suffered lot of pain and discomfort.  Moreover, there was swelling and bruises.  The post operative care took quite a lot of time and there was slow recovery.

Though this technique was successful and was really good, the skin lacked a uniform look.  Many patients complained of loose skin after the procedure.  After this, came a new technique referred to as liposuction which involved placing a small laser fibre below the skin.  The fat was melted or liquefied in this procedure before it was removed.  The trauma and pain is less as compared to the older procedures.  There is less damage to the tissues. This method of treatment results in tightening of skin and lends a healthier look.

There are varied machines used in this operation.  Some of them are slim lipo machine, smartLipo MPX machine, Cool Lipo Machine and Lipotherme Machine

SlimLipo machine is used for liposuction to melt fat.  This 924 nm laser successfully melts thrice the volume of fat as compared to other machines.  The 924 nm/875 nm wavelength is also used for skin tightening.

SmartLipo MPX Machine is the first machine introduced in the market and successfully melted the fat.  The Cool Lipo machine has a 1320 nm laser wavelength which helps to dissolve fat.  It helps in better fat absorption as compared to the 1064 nm wavelength.  Lipotherme Machine is the latest introduction in the cosmetic field and it first melts the fat by heating water instead of fat absorption of wavelength.

The wavelength of the laser machine is of utmost importance as it decides the capacity to melt fat.  The greater the fat absorption, the simpler and more complete the process of fat melting. Laser Lipo is a surgical procedure and hence it is suggested that you go to an experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  You need to check out the credentials of the surgeon by going through the website of plastic surgeons.