Important Information about Male Contraception You Should Know

Male Contraception

We are now in the 21st century and the biggest problem that our planet is facing is of course is over population. Most of the troubles that are faced by nations are the direct or indirect effects of overpopulation. So we are planning to control that sector. Along with girls, men are also coming forward to take part in this battle. The research on male contraception is not new but in the beginning of that campaign men were not ready to try it due to different types of meaningless conceptions. They were much worried about their fertility and choose their female partner as the one who must take the responsibility of population control. But now the scenario has changed a lot and the men of this generation feel their responsibility in this regard and come forward to take part in this project.

A research shows that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) claims that, the Birth Control Pill is the most popular method in the UK. Among women aged 16 to 49, 27 per cent were using the Pill in 2007.

Coming back to male contraceptive, there are several kinds of contraceptives for men that can be used during sexual intercourse. Some contraceptive methods can provide a notable amount of protection from unwanted pregnancies along with some evil sexually transmitted diseases. While some of them are permanent, others are temporary. According to sources men of UK are not feeling any kind of discomfort in using any kind of contraceptive methods. But most of them prefer the temporary base method and the reason can be easily understood.

Among the most popular male contraceptives some are:

  • Latex condoms
  • Sheepskin condoms
  • Withdrawal method
  • Vasectomy
  • Birth control pill for men

Actually the success of the above mentioned methods or techniques depends upon the user. From the above list Latex condoms are usually the first choice for men while planning about contraceptives. The prime reason for that may be the availability and the lower price of these types of condoms in the market. But it has a side effect and some may face allergy by using these. For those Sheepskin condom is perfect. It is made for the guys who are allergic to Latex.

Other than these two, withdrawal is one of the most favorite contraceptive methods practiced by many men. But that need a lot of practice and control and the failure rate in this matter is also very high. Vasectomy, a permanent surgical process, is usually the most terrifying contraceptive methods for males particularly among the rural population. But it has the highest rate of effectiveness. And it doesn’t affect normal sexual life at all. Birth control pills for men are under a research process and scientists are trying to invent a birth control pill for men very fast.

In conclusion we can say that male contraceptive can be very useful in controlling the population of the world and helpful for our civilization too. With the advent of science, we can expect some more positive moves in this sector.